San Antonio, We Love You!

San Antonio has become our go to destination close to home. We’ve been there so many times  and each time we find new things to do. Heres a quick run down of our latest visit to SATX.

We made a quick stop at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch before driving into the city. The animals were a bit slower and most of them tucked away in the shade, but who can blame them with this Texas heat! We did get to feed a few of them and it is still awesome to me how they will just walk right up to your vehicle and carefully take the food out of your hand. We didn’t stay too long but its a great stop and its right next to the Natural Bridge Caverns if you have time to explore.

Next we made it to the River Walk to finally take a ride on the boat tours down the river. Of all the visits we’ve made in the past this was our first time to ride down the river. It was a bit cramped and a lot hot but overall they covered great history. Of course we had to make a dinner stop and we stumbled upon Casa Rio which was mentioned on the tour. This restaurant was established in 1946 and was part of the history making of businesses to open their doors on the river.

The following day we took to the streets near the Alamo and gave the Ripley’s Believe it or Not! a chance. It was as weird as they say its going to be! The kids all enjoyed seeing the oddities. They packaged our tours nicely so we also had a chance to check out Louis Tussaud’s Wax Museum. It was fun taking photos next to a some of our favorite celebrities and characters. Lastly we hopped over to the 4D theater to see what it was all about. It was a semi roller coaster experience with all the effects but it was nice to know I could also just stand up and get off my chair at any point if I felt woozy. It made it more comical knowing that. Troy is a big roller coaster fan so he likes the real deal but this was just fine for me.

That evening we decided to go out for dessert and found this great little place called Snopioca. The shaved ice was a great touch to cool off for the evening. They offered a variety of flavors and the atmosphere was calm and relaxing. Even Lucas developed a taste for the the shaved ice, amongst all the other toppings I decided to throw on top, and he absolutely loved the color changing spoons.

We have heard great things about the San Antonio Zoo so we made a it a point to make it a stop on this visit. Did I tell you it gets HOT in Texas? Let me tell you, again, it gets HOT in Texas! We started with a train ride that was packaged nicely into our admission ticket. Also, a bit of savings tip, if you are a member of your local zoo ask at any zoo if they offer a discount. We are members of the Houston Zoo and were extended a discount. I was amazed that the animals were out and about with the exception of the tigers. They were napping away in the shade. We enjoyed the butterfly exhibit and I got a chance to get photographs of the butterflies as they flew all around us and stopped on the greenery in front of us. One butterfly even rode on my bum the whole time from beginning of the tour to the end. We all had a good laugh about that one. We finished our zoo visit with a carousel ride and Lucas was ready for a nap so that meant it was time to hit the road.

The whole zoo crew we travelled with decided to meet up at Big Lou’s Pizza and we ordered a giant pizza. I think the word giant may even be an understatement. Their biggest pizza is 60″ or maybe slightly bigger.  The wait was long but it helped everyone cool off from the zoo visit and it also helped pass the time under the shade and catch our second wind for our next adventure.  Once we got our 37″ pizza everyone fueled up and we were ready to hit the road again. Did I mention that the wait at Big Lou’s is long? They tell you about it, and once you’re an hour into the wait you really have no choice but to follow through but it is a lot of fun watching that giant pizza arrive at your table. A family had made a reservation for the biggest pizza they offer and watching that pizza make a landing on their table was pretty incredible. The kids get a kick out of it the most. The adults in our party just sat there wondering how in the world they were going to eat all of that pizza, good thing they give you to go boxes.

We closed our weekend with a stop at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Maybe eating that much pizza and then hopping on roller coasters is not the correct order of events, but our guys and girls who get on the rides are tough to break and nothing was going to stop them. I have to say that even though our visit to Six Flags was on a whim that afternoon, since we had been rained out the day before, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. There was little to no wait in line for the rides and the sun started to set and a warm summer breeze kept us all going. Our little guy had fun riding another train that weekend, a lot bigger than the zoo this time. And though he wasn’t able to get on the baby rides he still had a good time hanging out with his cousins. We found super hero capes at every corner and my obsession with Wonder Woman couldn’t help but suit us all up for a super hero family photo op.

This was another great trip under the Texas Sun and aboard all the cute trains plus a bunch of weird and random stuff because thats just how we do it.

Until next time SATX, we love you!




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