7 Acre Wood

Sometimes it’s nice to get out in your own backyard and find what’s happening there. We did just that and ran into a homey ‘old fashioned family fun park’ called the 7 Acre Wood in Conroe, Texas.  It is a fun little outdoor space to get the family out without breaking the bank or sitting on the road for hours.

Upon entering the park you migrate to an old times far west type of setting. Though some of the themed areas were a bit worn down you are still greeted with a warm and welcoming hello from the park staff.

There is a petting zoo filled with goats of all sizes. But watch out as they signs say because they will get feisty for food, so you have to feed them from outside the fence.

Lucas hopped on his first pony ride, and funny enough we happened to have his Toy Story Woody with him so we couldn’t resit the photo op.

The park is a great open space filled with all t types of activities from pony rides, petting zoo, little tikes cars parked, barrel rides, swings and even a zip line for older kids to have a great family day out.

Under this Texas heat we only lasted a short while but we look forward to visiting the park again in the fall.



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